Adding an Associate

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Associate is a useful (if not frequently used) concept of a person who has (had) some role in the life of individual, but not necessarily belongs to the family. When a person is baptised, he or she may acquire a godparent; there are witnesses who testify to the priest of the birth of a child; a best man or bridesmaid has a role in wedding, etc.

PGV allows one to create an Associate in every event or fact (unlike Gedcom, which only allows to associate at the individual level). The associate must alredy exist in the database. This creates some problem, if it is an unrelated person, since the default settings require an admin privileges to create such a record (suggestion: write and email to the administrator). If the person already exists, the process is simple: enter (or find) his/her ID and define the role. The following roles are pre-defined in PGV: Attendant, Attending, Best Man, Bridesmaid, Buyer, Vircumciser, Civil Registrar, Friend, Godfather, Godmother, Godparent, Informant, Lodger, Nurse, Priest, Rabbi, Registry Officer, Seller, Servant, Twin, Twin Brother, Twin Sister, Witness; others can be added by manually changing the Gedcom record.

After creation of an Associate, PGV will automatically add a display of his/her the relationship to the individual.