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The 5.x Roadmap is a document detailing the development team's plans for the future PhpGedView 5.x release series. The 5.x series is likely to contain a significant amount of code re-write, in particular we aim to develop a strong OO design and stable API (hopefully test-driven) with the ability to develop plugins and the ability to customise much of the "view" with ease.

For information about ideas relating to the development of PGV 5.x, please see the Code cleanup article and associated talk page.

Status of Development

We are currently reviewing all of PGV and collating ideas for areas of improvement and we intend to document this process as much as possible in order that other devs can jump on board as easily as possible. We are also keen to have input from stakeholders outside the main PGV development team. For example, we would like to invite input from anyone with experience of trying to integrate PGV with a CMS like Joomla and Drupal and in particular how PGV would need to be designed to allow easy integration.


The strong OO design inevitable means dropping support for PHP4 in favour of PHP5. However, by the time PGV 5.x is ready to be unleased on the community, it is likely that the vast majority of web-service providers will support at least PHP5.
Because of ......... PGV 5.x will require a DBMS like MySQL 5.


The following sub-pages detail reviews/progress (and associated discussion on the relevant talk pages) towards specific areas/aims.