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I am a descendant of Antoine Dionne and Marie Catherine Ivory.I believe his father Jean and he immigrated to Isle de Orlean in 1662 from Coutran,LaFerte-Gauche.Champagne,France. i am the son of donna marie dionne zdanowicz.she is the granddaughter of louis dionne and odelle brunnette of duck creek wisc. odelle is the descandant of charles de langlade and has quite a bit of indian in her she is the grand daughter of a mohawk indian women a loise o na we po of gen. cornwallis descent and a dominick brunnette jr. , his father dom. sr. was a mascoutin indian also known as c.b.masca he married a daughter of pierre grignon who married a domitille de langlade daughter of charles a odawa indian and french canadian. i am also the grandson of a zola belcher stidham ,i am a zdanowicz by adoption by my awesome step father who married my my mother donna.anyway i was told my grandma belcher was 1\2 cherokee on my natural fathers side so i am trying to figure out how much indian i have in me. so i have 2 questions for mark dionne 1.were any of the dionne men prior to louis married to indian women and was this mohawk women related to gen. cornwallis history says he had no kids.