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{{known_problems|heading 1|content 1|heading 2|content 2|heading 3|content 3}}

This template is used to add a section containing known problems/bugs specific to different version of PGV. The template is capable of generating up to 10 different headings with content. Each heading should be used to indicate version specific problems/bugs.

You should not add additional formatting (e.g. spaces new lines etc) either side of the pipes '|'. Doing so, will disrupt the layout generated by the template. If you wish to have the content contain lists, then new lines are required to format the lists accordingly.


Code Result
{{known_problems|Version 4.0|* item 1
* item 2
* item 3|Version 4.0.2|content 2}}

Known Problems/Bugs

This section needs to be reviewed / corrected by knowledgeable developers.

Version 4.0

  • item 1
  • item 2
  • item 3

Version 4.0.2

content 2