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Adding versus uploading GEDCOM

  • Uploading GEDCOM Files:- Uploading files can be done on line. You can upload from anywhere without needing an ftp program.
  • Adding GEDCOM Files:- If a previously uploaded file is still present in your GEDCOM directory, you can use it again without uploading. Sometimes, because of file or upload size limitations, you need to use Add.


4 gedcom add.jpg

When you use the Add GEDCOM function, it is assumed that you have already uploaded the GEDCOM file to your server using a program or method external to phpGedView to the defined index directory. For example, ftp or a network connection. The file you wish to add could also have been left over from a previous "Upload GEDCOM" procedure. If the input GEDCOM file is not yet on your server, you have to get it there first, before you can start with the Adding process. The GEDCOM file can be upload in its native form or as a ZIP file. PhpGedView will recognize the ZIP file automatically and will extract the GEDCOM file and filename from the ZIP file. If a GEDCOM file with the same name already exists in PhpGedView, it will be overwritten. However, all GEDCOM settings made previously will be preserved. As this procedure using the same interface as the GEDCOM configuration more detailed information on what can be done is available in that section.

4 gedcom config 2.jpg

When you select "Add GEDCOM" the same options as for Editing a GEDCOM are presented to you. At this time you may enter all the setting you require for the file that is being added. This may also be done at a lter date by editing the GEDCOM.

4 gedcombasics 1.jpg

The key data that must be entered is the name of GEDCOM file. Be aware that this may be case sensitive. The example shows that the full path has been entered. It is possible just to enter the file name if it is in the defined index directory. If it has been placed anywhere else in a directory that is accessible by the webserver the full directory location is required.

4-Import gedcom2.jpg

The next step is importing the GEDCOM file. Full details of this process can be obtained here. If any errors are found in the GEDCOM file it will be indicated at this time and options provided with how you wish to deal with it.

4 return to menu.jpg

At the end of the process you will be presented with a screen showing the results of the import and giving you the menu options shown on the right