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The address should be formed as it would appear on a mailing label using the ADDR and the CONT lines, which are required, as the address is not expected to have only one line. The additional, optional tags (ADDR1...CTRY) can be used in systems that have structured Address indexing.

The Address Structure as defined in the GEDCOM 5.5.1 standard, should be used in as substructure of Residence (RESI) event, and well as of other events, not as a standalone Event:

n ADDR <ADDRESS_LINE>          {1:1} 
 +1 CONT <ADDRESS_LINE>        {0:3} 
 +1 ADR1 <ADDRESS_LINE1>       {0:1} 
 +1 ADR2 <ADDRESS_LINE2>       {0:1} 
 +1 ADR3 <ADDRESS_LINE3>       {0:1} 
 +1 CITY <ADDRESS_CITY>        {0:1} 
 +1 STAE <ADDRESS_STATE>       {0:1}
 +1 CTRY <ADDRESS_COUNTRY>     {0:1} 
n PHON <PHONE_NUMBER>          {0:3} 
n EMAIL <ADDRESS_EMAIL>        {0:3} 
n FAX <ADDRESS_FAX>            {0:3} 
n WWW <ADDRESS_WEB_PAGE>       {0:3}