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La dernière version dans la série v4.2.x est la v 4.2.2. Cette version est sortie le 1er Août 2009.



Paquets logiciels à télécharger

Pour plus de souplesse, PhpGedView 4.2 a éré répartie en plusieurs paquets logiciels qui vous permettent de choisir ce que vous voulez télécharger.

Les Modules sont des plugins de PhpGedView qui apportent des fonctionnalités qui n'existent pas dans le coeur du logiceil. Quelques modules peuvent avoir besoin d'un logiciel supplémentaire pour pouvoir fonctionner. Lisez attentivement les instructions d'installation pour chacun de ces modules afin de connaître les prérequis nécessaires.

[https://sourceforge.net/project/downloading.php?group_id=55456&filename=PhpGedView-basic-4.2.zip PhpGedView (BASIC)
Ce paquet logiciel contient les fichiers de base pour faire fonctionner PhpGedView. Il inclut les thèmes et les fichiers de langue les plus demandés. Il n'inclut pas les lieux ni aucun module.
PhpGedView (ALL) 4.2.2
This package contains the complete set files to run PhpGedView, including all themes and language files, place maps and modules. After instalation you can disable the modules you don't need.
Windows Demo
This package is a self contained demo version of PhpGedView which can be run out of the box on Windows based systems. This package is great if you want to take PGV for a test drive or if you want to burn your own data for distribution on a CD.
This package includes other themes maintained with PhpGedView. Other user submitted themes can be found at http://www.pgvthemes.com/
This package includes place maps for many different countries. Place maps can be enabled in the place hierarchy and on the editing pages.
This package includes the other languages that have been submitted to PGV including Arabic, Czech, Danish, Greek, Spanish, Finnish, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovenian, Turkish, Vietnamese, and Chinese.

Download Modules

To install a module just upload it to the "modules" directory in your PhpGedView folder. All of these modules are included in the "PhpGedView (ALL) 4.2.2" package above.

GoogleMap Module  
This module enables GoogleMap support in the program. It will put a person's events on a map from Google.
Research Assistant Module  
This module enables the a research assistant tool in PGV. This tool is designed to help you with your genealogical research. It provides a way to manage and track research tasks as well as the ability to quickly enter data from sources such as census forms.
Lightbox Module  
This module enables an alternate way to experience media in PhpGedView. It provides an "Album" tab on the individual page, media slideshows, and other media enhancements.
Gallery Module  
This module enables support and integration with the Gallery project.
PunBB Module  
This module enables support and integration with the PunBB forum project. It will allow you to include message forums in your PGV site.
PhpSysInfo Module  
This module enables support and integration with the PhpSysInfo project.
Sitemap Module  
This module enables a site map useful for crawlers and search engines.

Source Repositories

You can also obtain the files from one of the following source repositories

Subversion v4.2+

You can also get the latest bug fixes from the main trunk of the subversion repository. Code in the SVN repository can be considered Release Candidate quality.

If you would like to try out the latest features or help to beta test new versions, then you can get the latest development code from the 4.2 branch of the Subversion repository. Code in any branches of the repository should be considered alpha/beta quality and is not recommended for production environments.

The following SVN command will get you the latest code:

export LC_ALL=en_US 
svn co https://phpgedview.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/phpgedview/trunk/phpGedView phpgedview

You can find out more information and browse the SVN repostory online at this location https://sourceforge.net/svn/?group_id=55456