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This tool will either export user data from SQL to Index mode, or import user data from Index files into SQL tables.

User data, favorites, block definitions, messages, and news will be available again after migration.

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You cannot use this tool to migrate user data between different versions of PhpGedView. Be sure that the data originates from, or is imported into the same PhpGedView version.


If you choose to import the user data files from Index mode, all user data present in the database tables will be overwritten. This tool does not merge the information. Once you have run the Import, there is no way to retrieve the old information using PhpGedView.


If you export the user information from your SQL database to Index Mode files, this tool will create authenticate.php and several .dat files in your index directory. If identically named files are already present, you will be prompted if they must be overwritten. After switching to Index mode, all information will be available directly.

Note: After switching to Index mode, you will need to import your GEDCOM files again.