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PGV v4.3 has not been officially released as a downloadable version, however it is the only version available that has any recent development and then, only a few minor bug fixes. PGV itself remains in a stable, but stagnant condition as there is no base of programmers working on the project.

PGV should continue to work without major problems until there are significant deprecations or changes of the supporting programs, PHP and MySQL.

If you are new to PGV, do not install very old v4.2.4 [released in JAN 2011], but rather download the current SVN version from the SourceForge site and install that code. This is the only code that is currently supported. Additionally, you may wish to investigate webtrees, a MAR 2010 fork of the PGV project which is currently in very active development.

From the PGV Help forum:

PGV Help Forum SVN download tip

A copy of the current SVN is created on SourceForge every evening.

Here's the download location:

This 16 Mb file can be expanded with 7-zip or Winzip to produce a 52 Mb compressed file. This expanded file produces a directory called "phpGedView" containing all of the files comprising the most recently updated version of PGV.

It is this version that is called "4.3.0 SVN". It's actually 4.2.4 with all the latest revised files. You can safely use this version. Any bugs in this version also exist in 4.2.4 (!!)