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Please remember to:

  • Log in (and create an account if you haven't done so) before you do any editing.
  • Set your browser to automatically remember your password
  • Tick "This is a minor edit", unless your change is important enough to enter in the Summary box
  • Use your watch list to keep track of pages you're interested in
  • Use "Talk pages" to add comments or raise questions
  • Add new messages at the bottom of "talk pages"
  • Use a Subject heading for new messages
  • Insert follow-up messages below the original message, use indentation
  • Be courteous, remember that a topic may have several contributors, all striving to reach consensus
  • Sign and date your "talk" messages using four tildes
  • Be bold, edit an article yourself if you have something worthwhile to add
  • Check any HTML code you enter - copy and paste FROM an external editor if that helps
  • Remember, you can email someone FROM their personal "talk page"