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The FAMily record is used to record marriages, common law marriages, and family unions caused by two people becoming the parents of a child. There can be no more than one HUSB/father and one WIFE/mother listed in each FAM_RECORD. If, for example, a man participated in more than one family union, then he would appear in more than one FAM_RECORD. The family record structure assumes that the HUSB/father is male and WIFE/mother is female. The preferred order of the CHILdren pointers within a FAMily structure is chronological by birth.

 n @<XREF:FAM>@   FAM   {1:1}
     +2 HUSB      {0:1}
       +3 AGE <AGE_AT_EVENT>  {1:1}
     +2 WIFE      {0:1}
       +3 AGE <AGE_AT_EVENT>  {1:1}
   +1 HUSB @<XREF:INDI>@  {0:1}
   +1 WIFE @<XREF:INDI>@  {0:1}
   +1 CHIL @<XREF:INDI>@  {0:M}
   +1 SUBM @<XREF:SUBM>@  {0:M}
   +1 <<LDS_SPOUSE_SEALING>>  {0:M}
   +1 <<CHANGE_DATE>>  {0:1}
   +1 <<NOTE_STRUCTURE>>  {0:M}
   +1 <<SOURCE_CITATION>>  {0:M}
   +1 <<MULTIMEDIA_LINK>>  {0:M}