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  • admin.xx.php This file contains terms and common expressions for use during the administration of PhpGedView and the genealogical databases.
  • configure_help.xx.php This file contains terms, common expressions, and Help text for use during configuration of PhpGedView. The Help text is not intended to be viewed by ordinary users.
  • countries.xx.php This is a list of country names, taken from the Web site of the Statistics Division, United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs. This is the relevant link to the English list. The list is available in either English or French.
  • editor.xx.php This file contains terms and common expressions for use during the editing of entries in the genealogical databases.
  • facts.xx.php This file contains the textual equivalents of the GEDCOM Fact codes found in the GEDCOM 5.5.1 Standard. It also contains additional Fact codes not found in the Standard but used by various genealogy programs. An English copy of the GEDCOM 5.5.1 Standard can be downloaded in PDF (Portable Document Format).
  • faqlist.xx.php This file is a set of frequently asked questions that have been collected by the PhpGedView development team. Each FAQ has two entries in this file. One entry is the FAQ heading (usually the question), and the other is the FAQ body (usually the answer). Replacements for the faqlist.xx.php files, which are updated frequently, may be downloaded from the PhpGedView home site. See also Writing FAQ's in multiple languages
  • help_text.xx.php This file contains Help text for ordinary users. Some Help topics in this file address the needs of Administrators, and are hidden from users who do not have Admin rights.
  • lang.xx.php Many terms and common expressions are found in this file.
  • extra.xx.php This file is always loaded after all the others and provides a means whereby a site administrator can override or alter any standard text in the selected language. It can also be used to provide a title for the genealogical databases that varies according to the currently active language. The contents of this additional file are completely up to the site administrator; this file will never be distributed with any version of PhpGedView. The administrator should never make changes to the standard language files; all local changes should be concentrated in this optional file.