Preferred Contact Method

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Preferred Contact Method
PhpGedView has several different contact methods. The administrator determines which method will be used to contact the user. Depending on site configuration, some of the listed methods may not be available.
  • Mailto link option will create a "mailto" link that can be clicked to send an email using the mail client on the user's PC.
  • PhpGedView internal messaging option will use a messaging system internal to PhpGedView, and no emails will be sent.
  • Internal messaging with emails option is the default. It will use the PhpGedView messaging system and will also send copies of the messages via email.
  • PhpGedView sends emails with no storage option allows PhpGedView to handle the messaging and will send the messages as emails, but will not store the messages internally. This option is similar to the Mailto (not used anymore) link option, except that the message will be sent by PhpGedView instead of the user's workstation.
  • No contact method - no contact method is defined.

Used in: Add a New User